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What is the purpose of the LHI dataset?
What is inside the LHI dataset ?
  Subset 1 LHI_Transportation_9
  Subset 2 LHI_UIUC_Sport_Activity_10
  Subset 3 LHI_UCLA_Aerial_Image_5
  Subset 4 LHI_Manmade_Object_75
  Subset 5 LHI_Nature_Object_40
  Subset 6 LHI_ObjectsinScene
  Subset 7 LHI_SceneSegmentation_18
  Subset 8 LHI_SurveillanceScenes
  Subset 9 LHI_ImageCategory8
  Subset 10 LHI_InteractiveSegmentation
How can I download the free dataset?
How to use the dataset?
Citation and Acknowledgements

How can I download the free dataset?
The dataset and Matlab toolbox is free to researchers at academic institutions for non-commercial purpose. Please click download to enter a registration and downloading page.

View, Download and Customize the Dataset with the Matlab ToolBox

Using the provided Matlab ToolBox, you can view the dataset online or download to your local machine. Click here for get a detailed instruction on how to use the Matlab Toolbox and download the datasets.



If you use this dataset, please cite the paper: Benjamin Yao, Xiong Yang, and Song-Chun Zhu, "Introduction to a large scale general purpose ground truth dataset: methodology, annotation tool, and benchmarks." EMMCVPR, 2007(pdf).

We would like to thank to following

We would like to thank to the LabelMe dataset for providing valuable experience and code on constructing and organizing dataset.
We also would like to thank to Alan Yuille, Li Fei-Fei, Antonio Tarrabal, David Martin, Charles Fowlkes, Peter Hallinan, Mark Nitzberg for provide their valuable suggestions at the Kick-off meeting in LHI 2005. Over the years, the following vision experts have taught summer courses at Lotus Hill: Long Quan, Jackie Shen, Ying Wu, Zhuowen Tu, Yi Ma, Jianbo Shi, Stan Li, Changshui Zhang.

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